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Power is back on

I'm happy to report that my family and I are all fine, and we had no property damage aside from the contents of our fridge. The power was out in the entire area for four or five days. I've only managed to see some of the damage to the rest of the state since last night, but it looks horrifying. We were extremely blessed to have made it through unscathed.

The power was out, but we ate really well thanks to the contents of our and Amy's freezers, Amy's cooking, and Brent's near-constant grilling. My parents' power came on last night, so we spent the night over there, and got in some good hang-out time.

I was glad to get some good news after that long wait for electricity. Osama bin Laden is finally dead, taken out by our own Navy Seals. I'm not surprised the coward used a woman as a human shield.

On the way back from my parents' house, we passed a large convoy of military vehicles headed south, presumably to help with tornado damage. That was good to see as well. It's a good day to be an American.

Goodbye, Dwayne McDuffie

Comics and TV creator and writer Dwayne McDuffie died on Tuesday. I loved his cartoon "Static Shock" and the Static character he created. He did a great job writing for (and later running) the Justice League cartoons. He was also the only writer on the Fantastic Four comics who gave a reason for Reed Richards' actions during the Civil War storyline that didn't make him either evil or cowardly, while throwing in a nice nod to Isaac Asimov's psychohistory in the process.
Jennifer got me a Sheltie puppy for my birthday, and I went with roundelais to pick him up from Bessemer this afternoon. Here he is:

Sirron was the name of the breeder, and they requested that I put "Sirron's" in the name. For the rest of the name, I was having a hard time thinking of a good, geeky one. I rejected several ideas. I decided I like Isaac Asimov and Isaac Newton, for the science fiction and science angles, and he just kinda feels like an Isaac.

After I thought of the name, I realized something Isaac Asimov and Shelties have in common. As you can see, they have similar muttonchops...Collapse )

I will post much better pictures soon.

Good Independence Day Weekend

Saturday, Jennifer and I watched the "Last Airbender" movie with Amy and Brent, and we all really liked it.

Sunday afternoon was spent at Jennifer's parents' house, eating awesome ribs, sides, and homemade ice cream. We played Scrabble, which I did pretty well at considering I was facing Amy and Brent as a team. We also got in some good Babylon 5 watching time, including the episode with G'Kar and Londo trapped in an elevator, where G'Kar cared more about getting to watch Londo die than preserving his own life. (Londo: "Can somebody hear me?!" G'Kar in squeaky voice: "I hear you!" LOL)

Monday we went to my parents' house for Bacon cheeseburger meatloaf, mac & cheese, a good tomato casserole, and awesome cake. We rewatched "Back to the Future", and it was fun getting to notice how carefully they placed each item that was used in the plot. It was a really well-crafted plot. We saw my Dad's new truck, and hung out and talked.

Shyamalan Interview

Here's an interesting interview with M. Night Shyamalan, about the "Last Airbender" movie, and he makes some good points about how he chose to represent the various semi-fictional races as real races.

As a science fiction fan, I know about really bad movie adaptations. I've seen many years of them. Some of them even intentionally pissed on the source material, stripped the coolest parts out to serve the director's agenda, and mocked the author, accusing the author of horrible things (*cough* "Starship Troopers" *cough*). This is not one of those adaptations. Based on seeing the first ten episodes of the cartoon (and wanting to see the rest of the series as time allows), the Last Airbender movie was a decent adaptation. I personally would have made Katara and Sokka's family Inuit-looking like the rest of the southern Water tribe, but things could have been far worse. (They could have kept Jesse McCartney, for one thing.)

Toy Story 3

I went to see Toy Story 3 tonight with Jennifer, and I loved it.

I almost made it out of there without crying. Almost.

The only Pixar in-joke I noticed was the doorknob from Monsters, Inc. Either I'm slipping on that front, or they are.

I never liked Barbie in any form until this movie, but she was pretty awesome.

There was even a Totoro plushie as a minor character!

State of the Steve

Hello, LJ. Long time no post.

I kept intending to write big blog entries about my wedding, my honeymoon at Disney World, and assorted events of the last 3+ months, but I didn't make time to do it. Partly, it was because I wanted a few select pictures, but I was too lazy to put the effort into doing it. Maybe I'll get to it later.

How are we doing? I'm really happy. We're learning to adjust to each other's sleep schedules. She's used to staying up and sleeping in later than I do on work nights, but we make it a point to eat breakfast together most mornings (she'll often go back to bed afterward), and we're working on going to bed at close to my ideal bedtime.

We're slowly getting out from under our combined stuff. My once-full computer room is relatively empty. Some of my stuff went to storage, as did a lot of hers. We still need to go through it and get rid of more stuff.

We're considering finding another house, so we can buy *our* house, instead of just living in *my* house.

Work is good. I'm still doing well, and getting new tasks that keep me working.

Jennifer and I recently finished watching all of the 90's X-Men cartoon that's out on DVD, then we watched the complete Justice League and Justice League Unlimited DVDs. I'd forgotten what a good show Justice League was, and Jennifer also really loved it.

Friday nightCollapse )

I've been busy with other stuff, so I haven't made it to HAAS lately like I'd like to. I would have liked to get to the HAAS bowling thing. It looked fun. I hope to see those folks again one of these days.

Saturday morning, I made pancakes for breakfast. I like to do that most Saturdays now. It helps to have someone to cook for. We got a good bit done during the day. I dusted and vacuumed the master bedroom, and we changed out the bedclothes, to minimize Jennifer's asthma. Jennifer trimmed a bunch of ugly little branches off the last remaining tree in my backyard. We sorted through and tossed a little bit of the stuff in the garage.

Sunday church and lost cell phoneCollapse )

The rest of the day consisted of relaxing until time for Jennifer to go to her Celtic band practice. After she left, I managed to rearrange the fiction hardcover/trade paperback books in my library. We've been moving furniture around since Jennifer moved in, so even though the books on each bookshelf were sorted correctly, the bookshelves were out of order. Tonight, I got all my fiction books in alphabetical order, so now my books are in alphabetical order clockwise around my computer room.

I then grabbed dinner, and watched the latest couple of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood episodes uploaded to Hulu. I'm really liking this version of the series. Unlike certain other people, I also really liked the original series that didn't follow the manga, but I think this version is probably better. After that, I started typing this post.

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I just finished helping my parents move my entire guest bedroom set, both sets of planetarium seats, and the bookcases on either side of my TV to Hartselle, to make room for moving in Jennifer's stuff in the near future. I'm tarred!